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Gear Units

At ElectroMecaniQue, we know gear units better than anyone else in the Niagara Peninsula. In fact, we offer a wide selection of gear units to match your exact needs. To boot, we provide a repair and maintenance service performed by our experienced technicians.

We Have in Stock

  • Metric/imperial gear units

  • Aluminum/cast iron/stainless steel gear units

  • Single/double reducers

  • Ratio multipliers

  • Right angle worm gear reducers

  • Helical – inline gear reducers

  • Helical – worm gear reducers

  • Helical – bevel gear reducers

  • Parallel shaft gear reducers

  • Shading gear units

  • Conveyor drive gear units

Feel free to give us a call for more details or to verify our inventory.

We Service What We Sell

Our experienced technicians are well known for their quality work.

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